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PharmacodynamicsThe capacity of labetalol HCl to block alpha receptors in man has been demonstrated by attenuation of the pressor effect of phenylephrine and by a significant reduction of the pressor response caused by immersing the hand in ice-cold watercold-pressor testLabetalol HCl’s beta 1receptor blockade in man was demonstrated by a small decrease in the resting heart rateattenuation of tachycardia produced by isoproterenol or exerciseand by attenuation of the reflex tachycardia to the hypotension produced by amyl nitriteBeta 2receptor blockade was demonstrated by inhibition of the isoproterenol-induced fall in diastolic blood pressureBoth the alphaand beta-blocking actions of orally administered labetalol HCl contribute to a decrease in blood pressure in hypertensive patientsLabetalol HCl consistentlyin dose-related fashionblunted increases in exercise-induced blood pressure and heart rateand in their double productThe pulmonary circulation during exercise was not affected by labetalol HCl dosing.

Ischemic heart disease or failureMonitor hepatic functiondiscontinue at first sign of liver injuryCOPDPheochromocytomaDiabetesSurgeryAvoid abrupt cessationElderlyPregnancyCat.CNursing mothers.

Labetalol can affect your pupils during cataract surgeryTell your eye surgeon ahead of time that you are using this medicationDo not stop using labetalol before surgery unless your surgeon tells you to.

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AntidotmotgiftStoff som reduserer eller opphever virkningen av et annet stoff i organismenBrukes ved behandling av overdosering/forgiftninger.

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