1978 london, uk in the journal lancet of three cases of parkinsonism with chronic tardive type dyskinesia in older 76, 84, and 66 y o women taking metoclopramide for years, greater than 5, 1, and 2 years, respectively.

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Rememberkeep this and all other medicines out of the reach of childrennever share your medicines with othersand use metoclopramide only for the indication prescribed.

Metoclopramide IV administration associated with catecholamine releaseuse caution in patients with hypertension.

May impair mental and/or physical abilities required for performance of hazardous tasks such as operating machinery or driving a motor vehicleconcomitant use of central nervous systemCNSdepressants or drugs associated with EPS may increase this effecte.galcoholsedativeshypnoticsopiatesand anxiolyticsavoid drug or the interacting drugdepending on importance of drug to the patient.

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