Metoprolol is sold under the brand names lopressor and toprol-xl and is available in immediate-release and prolonged-release formulations.

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AWeight gain is not a side effect associated with metoprololIf you are experiencing a sudden change in weightyou should consult your physician as this can be a sign of fluid retention.

AUnfortunatelyas a classbeta blockerswhich metoprolol falls intoall have the possibility of causing shortness of breathDue to individual variancesall people respond to medications differentlyI would suggest talking with your doctor and describing your symptomsA switch to another selective beta blocker such as Tenorminatenololmay do the trickHave you ever tried the long-acting form of metoprololThat also may be another option you and your doctor may considerYou also did not state if you had any other underlying health issues such as asthma or COPDor took any other medicationsThese too could have an effect on your shortness of breath.

QDoes metoprolol cause weight gainI seem to be a lot more tired all the time is this related?

It’s important to know that metoprolol could make you feel sleepyDon’t drive or operate machinery until you know how the drug affects you.

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