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Taking this medicine for a long time may make it harder for your body to absorb vitamin B12Tell your doctor if you or your child have concerns about vitamin B12 deficiency.

Postmarketing reportsSevere generalized skin reactionsskin inflammationpetechiadry skinsystemic lupus erythematosusRef]

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If you use omeprazole for longer than 3 yearsyou could develop a vitamin B-12 deficiencyTalk to your doctor about how to manage this condition if you develop it.

Some symptoms may actually be signs of a more serious conditionGet medical help right away if you haveheartburn with lightheadedness/sweating/dizzinesschest/jaw/arm/shoulder painespecially with shortness of breathunusual sweatingunexplained weight loss.

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question is there any information on the long term use of prilosec for a term over 6 months to continued use forever.